KingKong 5 Pro

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CUBOT KingKong 5 Pro

Power Your Endurance

8000mAh Battery | Dual Loud Stereo Speakers | 48MP Rear Camera

8 Killer Features

48 Hours Long
Battery Life

Sony 48MP Ultra Clarity

Dual Loud Stereo

IP68 &



Latest Stock Android 11


Make a tremendous improvement on the
capability to cope with water immersion,
drops, dust, cold environment

IP68 & IP69K
Waterproof up to 1.5m for 30 minutes

Up to 1.5 Heights


Keep working even when exposed to very dusty or
sandy environments and similar industrial environments.

Powered By An 8000mAh
Insane Battery 

Battery life is above average thanks to its 8000mAh long-lasting battery, which
keeps you working longer and being connected to the rest of the world without
interruption. With so much power at your disposal, you can do more online,
stream longer videos, and talk as much as you want without worry of getting
through the day and days after. 

Dual Loud Stereo Speakers

Two speakers customized for KingKong 5 Pro. The sound of the customized
speakers is more realistic, more loud but not noisy.

48MP Ultra Clarity Main Camera

Capture Massive Details

Designed for more details, the advanced Sony 48MP main camera is for you
to capture crisp and clear photos.

Discover Exquisite Details

Macro mode takes you to explore the tiny world. Focus on subject just 4cm
away to capture intricate new details.

Bring Out the Best in You

The 25MP front camera with intelligent optimization works
closely to produce a good selfie, making the lighting, skin color
and texture details more accurate.


More satellites more accurate positioning.

Cash-free Google pay

NFC allows you to conveniently use Google pay, buy public
transport tickets and share files with other smartphones

Fast and Smooth

The newest stock Android you want. KingKong 5 Pro offers
more features than ever on the fastest and smoothest pure
stock Android 11.