Who we are

Cubot is a technology brand officially established in 2012. "Cubot" comes from the combination of "Cool" and "Robot" which means our goal is to provide cool and high-quality smart products.

Cubot has been working hard to establish close connections with overseas large-scale chains especially in European Union, South America, Arabism . Cubot brings reliable products to consumers all over the world so that our users can have convenient lifestyles in smart devices.So far, Cubot will always adhere to the brand purpose, continue to develop and innovate, ensure the stable quality, and provide high-quality service.



- Cubot is founded in Huaqiangbei, China's largest electronic trading district.


- Joining the eBay platform, becoming the industry's top seller for three years
- selling to dozens of countries worldwide, with an annual shipment volume of approximately 1 million units.


- A delegation of vice presidents from Amazon visited our factory, establishing a deep partnership.
- On the Amazon platform, the Cubot brand ranks the top 10 in the mobile phone category, with annual sales of approximately 20 million USD.


- Enters the smart wearable industry.
- Collaborates with Cheetah Mobile to launch the Cubot smartphone.


- Cubot participates in the Hong Kong International Electronics Exhibition.
- Forms a collaboration with Telepart, Germany's largest distributor.


- The CEO of Jumia came to investigate and entered the African market together with Cubot. In just two years, the annual sales revenue on the Jumia platform is about 8 million US dollars.


- Cubot becomes part of the Amazon Accelerator program.
- Launches two highly successful new products,P40 and X30


- Cubot releases three popular mini-sized smartphones, receiving widespread acclaim.


- Cubot achieved outstanding success on the global stage. During AliExpress Brand Day, it soared past $1,000,000 in sales within three days, showcasing its widespread appeal.

- Simultaneously, at the Mercado Libre China Seller Summit, Cubot secured the prestigious Top New Seller Award, emphasizing its commitment to innovation and quality in the competitive market.