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CUBOT   Pocket

All in grasping

4’’ Palm Size


Stylish Design

Android 11


Amazing Compact

Pocket is a small smartphone of 4 inch. Designed for convenience, fitting
comfortably in one hand and carrying it around in your pocket easily.


It is small enough to fit in the palm of your
hand. The Pocket is one-hand-friendly that
you can easily type on the handset and
reach all areas of the keyboard with your thumb.

Greater Storage for Your Need 

NFC - Support
Google Pay

With multi-function NFC supporting
Google Pay, easy to make payments
without your wallet. Lighten the load on your pocket.

Dual Nano SIM Card

This gives you two phone numbers to make and
receive calls and text messages. Allows you switch
between work and life at will.

3000mAh Battery

Try to configure a battery with a large capacity for this small space as much as
possible. It can last a whole day of normal usage.

Latest Stock
Android 11

Pocket offers more features than ever on the
fastest and smoothest pure stock Android 11.

The Charm
of 4 Inch

You can easily carry your smartphone
around in a small pocket of your sports-
wear rather than having to hold on to it
 when you exercise.

Squeeze it into the pocket of your skinny
jeans or dress pants.

Don’t worry about bags so small that you
can’t fit your phone in them.

Stylish Statement

Available in 3 colors. The Pocket smartphone is about to
add edge to your style.