CUBOT NOTE 7 Smartphone: A small price for those looking for a basic smartphone.
I find the value for money interesting.
The Cubot 4G smartphone is well finished, quite large (5.5 inches) with a readable screen of decent quality in 720P.

He does what is expected of him for the phone part in 2G / 3G / 4G without worry. (call / sms / mms)
For the smart side (internet, applications etc) it works. A little slow at times in terms of reactivity but it is operational.
Which makes sense, performance is commensurate with the price.

In storage, the CUBOT NOTE 7 phone has 16 gigabytes that you can expand with a Micro SD card if needed.
And in RAM, the Note 7 phone has 2 GB.
We get an Antutu score of around 45,000 points.

For photos, always in relation to the price, the CUBOT NOTE 7 gives a rather convincing result with good color management.
Whether it is for the rear camera or the front camera for the selfies, we will have photos that remain correct for this type of phone.

In autonomy it is very good. This Cubot Note7 smartphone has a 3100 mAh battery that will allow it to operate for a day, or even more depending on its habits.
It will charge with a Micro USB cable which is included in the package.

Android is in version 10 Android GO.
It is clean, stable and reacts correctly.
The various applications that I have been able to try so far work without problems.

The finishes of the phone are good, the design is pretty and current with the big screen and just the drop for the selfie camera.
For me, it is a smartphone suitable for people who have a fairly classic use (such / sms / mms / a little mail, a little Facebook) or even a few small games.

In short, a good value for money for an entry-level smartphone for the purpose of conventional use.