Now you have created a concise Methods section. Now, it's time to create the results section of your research paper. This section of your paper details the results of the experiments you performed to answer the research question(s). The Results are the core of a scientific paper. They support your claims so make sure they are clear and easy to understand. The story you are telling is a scientific story. You want your readers to see the same story. Let's look at how to make sure your message doesn't end up like a 'telephone game.

The Results section generally includes the following elements.

       This brief introduction will repeat the research question and help you understand your results.

       Report on data collection, recruitment and/or participants. In clinical research, for example, it is common that a first table summarizes the demographic, clinical, or other pertinent characteristics of the participants.

       The main findings are described in a systematic order, generally following the Methods Section. Highlight the most important results.

● Other important secondary findings such as subgroup analyses or secondary outcomes (remember, you don't have to mention every result).

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