Before writing a doctoral dissertation, a plan must be drawn up that follows the structure described above. The outline of the main part is individual for each candidate or doctoral work. The more detailed the plan, the easier it will be to write each chapter. The style of the chapters is free. 

It is good if each of them will have its own introduction, main part and conclusion.

A list of references will also be appropriate. Note that the plan may undergo changes as its chapters are written. Much depends on what literature is used in the process.

The main chapters of the plan should reflect such aspects:

Statement and formulation of the research problem. The author's review paper should be published on this issue.

Rationale and choice of research methodology. This section should also be devoted to the author's publication.

The course of the study. Must be covered in the published works of the candidate.

In the final part it will be necessary to present the practical usefulness and experience in the implementation of research results. As an example, consider one of the doctoral dissertation writing plans presented on the official website of the Higher Attestation Commission.

The plan-prospectus reveals the content of the scientific work, sets the main parameters of the disclosure of the topic, as well as outlines the volume of the content of each of the chapters.

The volume of the doctoral dissertation

In order to successfully defend the degree of doctor of sciences, the dissertation research should be written in the volume of not less than 200 printed pages. 

On average, its size is 300 pages of printed text.

The Introduction and Conclusion chapters should be up to 10 pages long. Fifty to sixty pages should be allocated for conclusions and review of the literature used. The rest of the space should be devoted to the methodology and progress of the research. It is not recommended to write too large volumes.

The text should be concise, water is not allowed.

Usually first you write a draft, this process takes from several months to six months - provided that there are already materials for the study. It is best to write sequentially, chapter by chapter. After agreement with the supervisor and completion of the draft, you can defend your work, claiming a doctoral degree.

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